Welcome to My Amateur Radio Home Page

About me:

Licensed in 2001 as a technician. Updated to General in 2007.

My interests include HF, Races and IRLP. When Mobile I can be found on 3.853 HF each morning at 7 AM, or on the WB2HZT Repeater, 147.330 Mhz. PL 146.2 in Albany NY. This Repeater has my IRLP Node 4889 and Echolink node 48899 linked.

When in Carmel, NY you'll find me on the K2PUT (Pearl) repeater on 145.130 PL 136.5, or the KC2CWT repeater on 224.020 PL 136.5 or the KC2IVI repeater on 449.950 PL 136.5.

Look for me on D-Star Reflector 10. I'm either on the WA2UMX Albany Area or the K2PUT Carmel Area D-Star repeaters.

I also hold a License on GRMS My Call Sign is WPVP634