Field Day 2014
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Friday May 19th, 2014 -
Hi All....
There are different things that we are going to need for a two station operation.  We could put out a list soon of the old inventory. But to get things started, I will throw out some questions.
1.  What transceivers will we be using?  Who will be bringing down a rig and which model will it be.
2. We will need computers for N1MM contest software to tie both stations together. Who will be bringing laptops?
3. We will need antennas.  Probably two off center fed dipoles.    Possibility of using a beam also.  Any one have antennas that they will bring?
4. Ropes and coax?
5. Some one said they had a morse code reader.  That might be an interesting thing to try
6. I believe we are going to have some tents set up.  Who will be bringing what?
7. When is comes to generators, who is bringing what.  We should have back up like last year,
8. oooops....did I leave out food?

Down the road, I believe Duncan was thinking we could bring one day, bring the transceivers and computers to his house for a meeting and get everything programed ahead of time.  Date to be announced.  ( I  better check with Duncan first to make sure he has the time) .

Looking for suggestions, that will make this a great field day.  It's one step at a time.  If we want to get more points, we could also think about inviting some dignitaries to show up for extra points. Do we just want operating points, or do we want to see how we can get those extra points.  That's up to you all.  Just a thought

KC2IVI I believe will be bringing down his trailer so we will be operating vhf/uhf and 6 meters and if we are nice he will let us watch television on his satellite setup.

Any ideas will be welcome to we can get things organized.  June is just around the corners

Jay (K2DXU)

Wednesday, May 15th 2014
Good Evening.
To those who were not able to make the last Breakfast, we went afterwards to Glens farm to look at a new location. We collectively decided that it would me an improvement over last years site. Two thing that made it better, was that it is higher in elevation and two its closer to the barn and we will have access to the bathroom. We will be having our next gathering over Duncans house the first week in June, date to be determined. I thought if everyone agrees we could do the meeting in two parts, first in the daylight test the radios and computers and part two would be to discuss what people are bringing. Duncan can you call me in the next few days to throw out some dates for the gathering.

We are open to any ideas as long as the person suggesting it is in charge of it!!!!!!!

Steve (K2HQ)

Saturday March 1st 2014 -
Just a few notes on our field day breakfast.

Glenn- Opened up the conversation with options on using the same location at his farm or a new one closer to the Barn. He will also let us use one of his generator's again as a backup. He would like up to sign a hold harmless agreement.

Duncan- Antennas were good last year, he would like to setup computer network sooner to test. Duncan would like to do battery/Solar power for extra points. Also offered Yaesu 847 and Icom 706 if needed. Will bring one Laptop for logging.

Alan- Will bring his Yaesu 920 which we used last year and one Laptop for logging. We collected $20 dollars for field day donations.

Victor- Will bring his Kenwood 480SAT for use at field day and a computer if needed.

Steve- Is offering to bring a Hex Beam to use if anyone is interested. I talked to Tom KC2IVI and it sounds like he will be coming down with his 6Meter VHF/UHF station. That includes 3 Beams and his Kenwood 2000. He will try to make a meeting later down the Log.

Jay- Would like one of the radios to be setup to have the CW message pre-recorded so that we cant make more contacts. Also wanted to get a CW reader, Paul said he has one and will bring it to the event.

Paul- Has 2KW Generator, one Shelter and will supply the coffee maker.

We talked about food and needing 2 more shelters. Our next meeting in April or May we will start to firm things up.

Steve (K2HQ)